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The Robert Timmons Show

Feb 25, 2021

Today our guest is James Owen Roberts a 2x Paralympian (Beijing 2008 & London 2012), he is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, transformation coach, podcast host, and coaches on diet and mindset! 
Learn about:
- The early years on how Jame's life was in comparison to others
- When James found himself striving...

Feb 18, 2021

Robert Timmons is speaking about his experience with an Abnormal Ice/Snow Storm in Southern Texas that has literally shut the state down.

Find out why being comfortable does not provide any value to your life.

How challenges and adversity can provide massive growth to your life.

Learn more:

Feb 13, 2021

Today our guest is Andy Lopata! He is a trainer, speaker, author, and podcast host. He has worked in 26 Countries and has been quoted in the International Press including Forbes,, The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, and The Guardian in the UK! 
- Learn what are Strong Professional Relationships you...

Feb 4, 2021

We have a special episode here being our 44th episode we have an outstanding guest who's organization is in its 44th year of service to the oceans. He co-founded GreenPeace then founded Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. He is sought after as an incredible speaker, poet, author, and a visionary leader! He has sailed all...